Friday, June 24, 2011

Cheap Software | Wholesale Software

Many software vendors offer original equipment manufacturers (OEM) versions at very low prices, and it is not surprising that many of the active computer users buy them. But they are legal? The answer is yes and no. Read on to learn more.

Technically speaking, you can only get the OEM software that comes with hardware specified. So when these OEM programs are copied and then sold separately from hardware, there is a violation. Unless the license specifically states that OEM software is free and can be copied and distributed transactions involving the sale and / or marketing of OEM software are illegal.

The only reason why the OEM is still rampant software sold in the market is that manufacturers have not rebuked actively working with manufacturers to distribute illegally. The key is to be a smart consumer - know that when you buy OEM software counterfeit mark shall not be entitled to technical support, service packs, updates or patches. Weigh the consequences against the benefits and decide accordingly.

You can still legally buy discount OEM software, where software is licensed to OEMs for the group. OEM software legally reproduced can be purchased from hardware manufacturers themselves or their dealers. That should come with user manuals, original retail packaging and technical support from the hardware vendor themselves.

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